Hellloooooo Copacabana!

Arrived late on Saturday night. The flight was so so. Firstly the seating arrangement in BA 777 business class is so weird. You seat facing each other instead of side-by-side. Then they dont even have the latest interactive entertainment system installed in the plane! We were stuck with the old system (i.e. no overview of movies available on flight PLUS no control to stop, rewind or fast forward the movie).

Rio is hotter than expected. I went for a walk on the beach after breakfast this morning. My hotel is along the famous Copacabana. Next to it is the other famous beach, Ipanema. Apparently Ipanema is frequented by more high class people. Checked-out both beaches which took about 1.5 hours. Along the way, stopped by some shop to browse Havaianas flips-flops (there were WAAAAAYYY cheaper than UK or Msia or Aus).

After a long walk, just went back to hotel and rest before I went out again for lunch with my colleague from Mexico. Then we took along long walk (Copacabana is a very LONG beach). We also stopped at a cafe to have dessert.

All the walking has left me burnt!! Didnt have any sun block with me.. hopefully it wont hurt too much.

Here’s some pictures I took.

The road outside the hotel is closed off for padestrian on Sunday. Lots of people were jogging, cycling or just soaking in the sun and sea! There was a swimming competition that took place on the beach right in front of the hotel entrance. Guys of all ages (and I mean all ages!!) took part in the competition.

At the end of Copacabana beach is the Fishermen’s Corner. Apparently fresh fish are for sale every day here.

Nice view of favelas on the way walking to Ipanema.

View of Ipanema.

There is lots of make-shift shower for those who swims.. of course there’s also people selling drinks and beach towels, etc etc etc.

There’s also helicopters flying around the beaches with adverts. Apparently some of the helicopters were police patrolling the beach.

Found kioks selling coconuts… so refreshing on a hot day!

Panoramic view of Ipanema beach. Love this shot. Consists of 3 separate shot merged together.

View of Copacabana from the hotel roof. Quite a long beach. They were lots of people playing some form of sports.


8 thoughts on “Hellloooooo Copacabana!

  1. J, yes I know I”m very lucky.

    Cat, you must take some time off… if not you’ll be burnt off.

    Mike, surprisingly havent see any Jap girls in bikini. Old Latin ladies in bikini got la.. but not a very pleasant sight.

    Mat, hello! How’s things? Yes, I am in Brazil alone for WORK! Dav has been busy finishing his final project for his Masters. So he will be missing for a while… 🙂

  2. Wow! He’s getting his masters! I’m fine here…the last time you fellas drop by KL we did not have the chance to meet up due to your tight schedule. But at least we are able to meet up David.

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