Cheesecake experiment

I tried to bake a cheesecake today. To be more specific, a modified version of Rachel Allen’s blueberry cheesecake. I said ‘modified’ because mine doesnt have blueberry in them… hehehe.

Anyway, it turn out better than expected. Notes for next try:

  • The filling taste slightly eggy instead of cheesy. Perhaps next time I should add less egg or find an alternative cheese to use.
  • The digestives biscuit base was abit too ‘oily’ but still yummy. (Next time: less butter)

I do enjoy the cake. I will give myself a rating of 5 out of 10. More room for improvements.

Will bring the cake to work tomorrow for colleagues’ assessment… 🙂

The cake fresh out of the oven. It ‘kembang’ until quite big, but….

It slowly became smaller.

Then it really settled in.

The shape looks a bit funny due to the ‘settling’ process. But I absolutely love the base… yummy!!!

And here’s a look at the ‘middle section’.


7 thoughts on “Cheesecake experiment

  1. Looks puntured liao..need a patch kit or spare inner tube..heee… taste good or not…

    Now u becoming more domesticated…when is baby due?? hee…

  2. Looks extremely good Steph!!!!

    I am terrible at baking (having once thought baking soda was the same as bicarb powder and wondering why my muffins turned out rock solid!!!) but your cheesecake looks divine!!

  3. ha.. I was switching between multiple internet tabs, and it was funny to see the cake getting deflated. But i’m sure its yummy

  4. wow! knitting and now baking.. what a domestic goddess you r becoming.. congrats on the successful first attempt…

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