New interest / hobby

Everyone know I’m not into cooking (what an understatement! LoL). However I recently discover I’m quite keen on baking. I’ve always made muffins and fairy cakes. Then AA introduced me to Rachel Allen. Apparently she’s quite famous in UK. She frequently appears on Saturday Kitchen on BBC One @ 1030. No wonder I never seen her, I’m still sleeping when her show is on… hehehehe. But I finally saw her show last Saturday and fell in love!

Dav commented that I like baking because I have a sweet tooth.. how true !! It makes perfect sense! I love cakes, ice-creams and I’m die hard fan of cupcakes!!

Anyway while browsing books at Waterstones yesterday, we found her baking book. I had to have it and thus I bought it. Am gonna try to make cheese cake this week before I fly off.

Cat, as promised, this is how the book look like. Only one night and already I have 8 tabs on recipes I want to try!

Will keep everyone updated on the success/ failure of my baking activities.

2 thoughts on “New interest / hobby

  1. Thanks Steph!!! :):) The first thing I saw were the lovely post-it notes. Lots of them means lots of new baking trials!

    Seeing that I am MIA on my foodie blog, perhaps you can take over for awhile. I’m really missing foodie posts :):)

  2. I prefer her to Nigella and never been a fan of Jamie. I know I am reinterating our coversations.

    I am so taking advantage of the cheaper price at Amazon 😛 Patience pays!

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