Today I went jalan-jalan with AA in town to buy a new toy. I’ve been eying on this toy for a while now (since 2007) but wasnt ready to depart with a big sum of money. It was not a necessity… but it’s a cool gadget! So finally today I bought it!

Let me introduce you to the Bose QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones. This is the ultimate headphone to get if you want to experience noise reduction AND audio performance at the same time. Imagine sitting in the plane, listening to your music clearly without the plane engine noise in the background!!

Dav’s review of the headphones: “It’s freaking incredible!

I got a free 1GB Ipod shuffle as well from Bose but it was the old generation shuffle. Most likely will sell it off as I’ve already got the same one. Also bought some working shirts and one recipe book (not in picture). To be more precise it’s a baking book – Rachel Allen Bake.

Getting excited testing the headphones.

A satisfied customer.


7 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. What!?!? You spend £300 on a headphone? I am eying on the BOSE ipod soundock instead – for the kitchen. (it’s credit crunch)!

  2. I was attracted immediately by the title “Shopping”!!!! :):)

    The headphones look good!! But where is a picture of the baking book? 😦

  3. Jas – it’s a reward for myself!!

    Cat – Dont worry, there’s gonna be a post coming up dedicated to baking!

    Gerard – Just imagine the money spent on your bicycle…. LoL

    Edna – This model comes with 2 rechargeable battery.

  4. Dont drop it… trust me…they dont take drops…also listen out for a very soft knocking sound after some time…hee..

  5. It is REAL KICK ASS! Brilliant for travels as well because they have the plane dual plugs too. But if too bulky go buy the BOSE Triport IE.

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