Italian Pizza

Today we went to an Italian Pizza place in Angel called ‘Regina Margherita‘ for dinner to celebrate my Italian colleague’s birthday. Italians are very picky when they eat pizza or spagetti, so when she suggested we head to this place for pizza, it is safe to say, they do very good authentic Italian pizza.

The highlight of the restaurant is their wood fired pizza which you can order by the metre. This is perfect for sharing of course! A few of us from work and some of her dancing mate went. We had lots of good Italian food! We even have to tapau the pizza cos we over ordered (which is very common).

Ohh.. I’m also very proud of the fact that today, I walked from office to Highbury & Islington just before dinner, then walk to the Italian restaurant. Total walking time came up to about 1.5 hours!! So proud of myself.

For starter, we had parma ham, chorizo, mozzarella, eggplant, etc. They served it on long wooden board.

We had in total 3 metres of pizzas. So yummy just looking at it now !!

David came along too… he can’t resists an authentic Italian dinner.

Me and my French colleague in the tube going home. That’s the pizza we tapau home. Checkout the box it came it… so pretty rite… HUGE as well. We had in total 3 boxes to take home. Nobody really wanted to take it home. That’s gonna be Dav’s lunch for the next 2 days.

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