Sign of ageing

Hair loss.

Recently I noticed the amount of hair I lose is increasing…. whether its from washing hair, combing hair or even just an act of putting my fingers through my hair!

How depressing.


7 thoughts on “Sign of ageing

  1. No instant noodles Stephie?? Wow…remember all those nights of Indomee in Townhouse 42????? Gosh, we ate a lot of them didn’t we!

    I just had a packet just then as a matter fact – came home ULTRA late and thought instant noodles is the only way to go. I’m the first one at work and the last to leave – it’s terrible. It’s almost 9pm and I have to prep for a student tute too :(:(:(:(

    Also….you may not want to know this but women who have just given birth loose a fair bit of hair too!!! So urm…no babies on the horizon? *smile*

  2. me too, loosing lots of hair recently but …….. mine is effect after give birth (may be), ha! ha!. But, i still change shampoo hope to control the situation. So sad

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