Another week has gone

Nothing significant is going on at the moment. The weekend has gone by very quickly.

I was out the whole of Sat. The day started with a visit to the National Gallery to see the Picasso: Challenging the Past exhibition. Then it was lunch in Chinatown. Introduced my colleagues to C&R. Majority of us had nasi lemak.. yummy! Next I was off to Borough Market to meetup with Dav and some friends who recently moved to London. Later, I head to Paddington, a friend’s place for tea. She had made meringue with various berries and the absolutely heavenly dark chocolate baby cakes !!! Not only did she made dessert for us, we were also serenaded by her piano songs (esp her own composition). The day ended with dinner at Malaysian Hall and more discussion. Not sure what we talked about… but we sure had a lot to talk about cos I only went home at 10pm.

Today (Sunday) is a low key day. Surprisingly I woke up early (around 9) and made pancakes for breakfast. After such a delicious meal, I couldn’t help myself but started cleaning the flat. Dav helped as well… cant believe how fast the flat gets dusty!! Am very happy that it’s all clean now.

After lunch, we went to town cos Dav wanted to buy gym attire. I thought I might as well get a squash and badminton racket. I’ve always said I wanted to start playing (esp badminton) but was too lazy to organize it! Finally after discussion with some friends on Sat, I am determine I can start a regular racket game session!! So I have options now… next is to find where to play.. hehehehe hopefully this can replace the gym session Dav has been pestering me to do!

Hope everyone’s weekend is as ‘exciting’ as mine!


3 thoughts on “Another week has gone

  1. I enjoyed saturday evening very much. Told my work mates when we were sharing weekend stories during monday lunch. Guess what- all 3 of them wanted to swap my weekend with theirs! đŸ™‚

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