Brand new scarf

I’ve finished knitting my scarf!! So happy with it. It’s a normal knit with no fancy pattern. What’s special with this scarf is the yarn. Bought the yarn in KL.. quite ex.. but it has different texture and it is black and blue. The effect on the final knit is quite unusual. Dav thinks that it’s not ‘messy’ enough… what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Brand new scarf

  1. I think it matches your coat wonderfully! I’m mad about scarves but I can’t knit đŸ˜› Right now, it’s just started to get chilly – you know the spring trench coat weather with silk scarf. Give us a month and I’m sure it’ll be cashmere and woollens :):)

  2. Nice scarf! Just wondering – isn’t there more choices of yarn in London compared to KL and more affordable too? AFAIK, the yarn choices in KL are very limited and very expensive. How come you bought the yarn in KL?

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