Saatchi Gallery Latest Exhibition

Ever since we visited Saatchi Gallery last October, I’ve been getting updates on their latest news and upcoming exhibition. This new show started in Jan 30th. Unlike the previous show, in my opinion, this one is not as impactful and definitely not as scary….but still worth a visit. The exhibition is on until May 9th.

Here’s some pictures Dav took.

This is an exact replica of former apartment building in Beirut. You can see Dav’s reflection on the windows.

We were inspecting the replica very carefully and noted the door grill looks similar to the one we have in Malaysia! LoL

Believe it or not, the top section of the sculpture is ‘The Tower of Babel’, presented upside down. Dont ask me to imagine… it just looks weird to me.

Darren and Lili came with us… even though we insists on going at 10am on Saturday! We don’t just look see look see… this is evidence we try to understand what the artist is trying to depict / the message behind the art. (or maybe we’re just pretend only…. hahahahaha)

This is perhaps the most interesting and scary exhibit in the whole gallery. Can u guess what is it? See the next picture for answer.

It’s ghost… to be precise, they are muslim women ghost praying. Why it’s scary? cos these are made of aluminium foil and it’s hollow!  The artist filled up the whole room with ‘ghost’…

Do you see anything peculiar about this painting?

This artist tried to portray some kind of romanticism on tortured terrorists… dont ask me why or how…

A portray of Muslim woman’s traditional role defined in middle east and universally.


3 thoughts on “Saatchi Gallery Latest Exhibition

  1. God, you really have to love modern art – you never know what is going to greet you round the corner :):)

  2. very thought provoking.. esp the foil women in a room.. wonder how the response would be like in KL if that was here ?

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