Investments in knitting

I spent majority of the time this weekend cleaning… it started on Friday night, after dinner where clean my kitchen stove, vacuumed and mop the floor, change the pillow & bed sheet and wash them. Then Saturday, I re-organized my bedside cabinet. Today I clean the bathroom and did 2 rounds of laundry. Yes, I do have a thing for cleaning….

Anyway, as I was putting all my knitting ‘things’ together I realised I have bought and accumulated quite a bit of yarn and needles and knitting tools. I decided to take a picture of all the thing I got over the last few months.

I have

  • 4 sets of knitting needles. All in different sizes.
  • 1 crochet needle. I want to explore crochet when I’m bored with knitting.
  • a row counter to assists with counting the number of rows I have knitted. It’s the orange little thing on the needle.
  • 2 yarn needles.
  • a measurement tape.
  • 5 different types of yarn in various colours. Btw, it is expensive to buy yarns in Malaysia!!

My next few projects includes:

  • knitting a gloves for Dav.
  • knitting a pair of pink sock for myself.
  • learn how to make a crochet scarf.

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