Back to reality

Our holidays have officially ended today. Dav is on his way back to London and my training have started in Amsterdam. I felt sad to leave Malaysia… after all I’m leaving my family and not sure when I’ll be back again (hopefully not too long).

The past 2 weeks were spent with family and friends, mainly over a meal. We also managed to squeezed in a makan road trip to Melaka. Besides that we didnt do much… while I put on weight, Dav loses some although he ate as much or maybe more than me.

We took some pictures, but I dont have my mac with me now to edit them before posting it. Everyone will have to wait till next week to look at the pics.

So now it feels more like a new start to the year, although it’s already Feb 09 !! 10 more months to prove myself and achieve lots more!


3 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. Oh my god…is there only 10 months to got to the end of the year?????

    That means I’ve only 7 months to my exams!!! ARGGGHHHH!!!

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