The art of giving Ang Pow

This is the second year we’re celebrating CNY as a married couple. Last year we didnt give out any ang pow except for my siblings and our nephews. As we’re gonna be in KL, that means need to give more ang pows. So before we arrived, I’ve asked my mum to assists in preparing the ang pow so that I dont have to rush to the bank on CNY eve to get new notes and spent a few hours inserting the note into ang pow and sealed them (Thanks mum!).

Here’s some of our experiences in giving ang pow this CNY:

  1. Who to give ang pow to? Besides the standard family and relatives, mum’s advice was to give ang pow to all singles when you meet them (quite standard procedure). Interestingly I encountered a very odd gathering session where I’ve been accused of ‘spoilting market’ when I want to give out ang pows and other married couples didnt.
  2. Am I to give ang pow to all singles irregardless of age? Apparently I dont need to give ang pow to single person if they are older than me. This one I understand is mainly cos they ‘shy’… LoL. But then again, some ‘older’ friend did receive it cos I insists!
  3. Do you have to carry ang pow with you all the time, everywhere you go? Due to Point 1, I have to carry lots of ang pow with me, every where I go because I wont know when I’ll meet single friends and family. This proved to be handy cos I did bumped into my cousins in 1U and they got an ang pow from us.
  4. How many ang pow is enough? I thought I have enough, but I was wrong. After one week, I had to prepare more ang pow!! Lesson learnt – prepare more ang pow next year!
  5. When is a good time to give ang pow? Right after they enter the door? Just before they leave the house? At the end of the gathering? or Just before you walk out of the car? For me, I did all of the above. LoL
  6. Should married couple receive ang pow? Well I still do!! Surprisingly… it has always been a tradition that my parents will give us ang pow (irregardless whether we’re married or not. Even our partner gets one!) But I also received an ang pow from one of my gf’s mum. Nice…. 🙂

In summary, it has been a great celebration and we wish everyone a great year ahead!!


4 thoughts on “The art of giving Ang Pow

  1. I LOVE you mom’s advice on point no 1. With regard to point no 2, I am not shy when it comes to money.

    I look forward to seeing you and Dav!!

  2. I should have pointed out the 2 most basic rules:

    1. Only give ang pow when you see your frriends n family in person. No keeping for future is allowed.

    2. The meeting must be within the 15 days of CNY

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