One more day to go!

In less than 24hrs I will be boarding the plane on my way home!!!

Today I had some free time and decided to visit a few museums (Anne Frank & Van Gogh). But while I was preparing to go out, Australian Open was on tv and they were showing the Andy Murray’s game. Well, I’m not a Murray fan (I’m more of a Federrer fan).. but I wanted to know if Murray made it to the next round. By the time I’m ready, Murray had already won the game.

As I’ve updated my status on FB, some of my friends rather see me getting high then visiting the museum. hahahahaha

I did make it to the Anne Frank Museum, luckily just 20 mins walk away. But it was raining sooo heavily! I was all wet when I reach back to the hotel. The museum is quite small with lots of tiny rooms. However it is quite inspiring and sad.

Anyway its time to have dinner… next post will be all about food! hehehehehe


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