Fashion Paux

I realized ever since my search for a handbag I’ve noticed wat ppl hv been carrying. This includes today.

While waiting in line to get some Euros, I noticed 2 grown men carrying designer sling bags!! One was carrying Gucci and the other LV!!!! Since when men are into designer bag?? I thought they always hated these branded material items!!

Anyway it’s time to board….


10 thoughts on “Fashion Paux

  1. Oooo…are you searching for the ultimate handbag????

    After years and years of trial and error, I would like to add my 2 cents worth to your search (which I wished I was in too but I think I’ve blown too much moolah already-heehee):

    1) A shoulder tote is the absolute way to go. Forget the LV Speedy and hand tote-alikes, a woman needs her free hands!

    Joel got me the classic Chanel black shoulder tote and it is divine. However, I’ve stopped using it as I tend to throw my bag into my work locker and so I’ve swapped to my Kookai soft leather tote which I’m happy to throw on any surface :):)

    2) There are some nice LV shoulder totes out. I can’t remember their exact names unfortunately.

    3) Not a fan of Gucci for some reason. Looks tacky.

    4) The ultimate bag of course is anything Birkin by the house of Hermes. Unfortunately, not a shoulder tote but hey, for that exorbitant amount, you can’t complain!

    So at the end of the day, my vote goes to Chanel, the Miu Miu prune bag and if all else fails, pop into LV (in that order) – Good luck!!

  2. thanks cat for sharing!! Yes, I wanted to get a proper bag since Christmas but the search stopped after I realised how expensive it is to get a proper bag… cant depart with hard earn money.. so I’m waiting now. But will certainly checkout your recommendation…

    Mike, coach not big in UK/ Europe… hehehe it’s mainly a American brand.

  3. Can I add my 2 cents (Aussie $$ worth less these days!) too?

    I second Cat’s choices, Chanel first! I have the Grand Shopping, which is fab as a ahem.. shopping bag, the fabric is their classic quilted leather, with 2 leather and hardware straps. 🙂 But this House has soooooo many delectable bags, it is hard to choose!

    And I do agree that care is required when the Chanel is out, I have been caught in the rain with it once, and thank goodness I have a paperbag handy, so Chanel went in the bag protected, while I got drenched. Ha. And this bag NEVER sits on the floor.

    For some reason, I found the LV shoulder tote heavier than the Chanel – I have the Hampstead Damier MM, and that thing weighs a ton when I have all my barang barang in it.

    And I agree about the Gucci – don’t like it, too common me thinks.

    I like Coach too, cheaper if you buy in the US.

    And agree with Cat again, definitely get a shoulder tote if possible, though if you are like me, and like to carry everything bar the kitchen sink, then perhaps a smaller sized shoulder tote may be the way to go!

    And would love a birkin! 🙂 *drool* Maybe when I turn 40. Haha.

    Happy shopping! Post pictures!!

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