Countdown: T-5 days

I’ve never been so excited to go home. As you’ve read, this will be more like a food trip.. hehehe

So my journey home will start tomorrow. I’m flying to Amsterdam to attend a conference before flying to KL on Friday. Therefore I have to pack my winter clothes in addition to the summer clothes!! Also, we also bought some gifts for our nephews and siblings. My bags are quite full at the moment.

Nothing much was done this weekend. There was lots of sleeping, did some window shopping in Kensington High Street and finally I had pancakes (I had cravings for pancake since 2 weeks ago!). Ohh I also knitted a pair of gloves for a friend who really liked my gloves.

I’m all packed and will be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow… yipee!


2 thoughts on “Countdown: T-5 days

  1. Have a wonderful and safe trip my dear. Can’t wait to hear (and see the pics – don’t forget to take PLENTY of pics!) all about it! Happy Year of the Ox to you and your family!

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