Knitting Project 2: Pink Gloves

It’s done!! Can’t believe it’s so simple to knit this. Instructions courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think?


Front view

Palm view


8 thoughts on “Knitting Project 2: Pink Gloves

  1. I think they look…..weird…without those individual finger holes Looks like a modified oven mitten.. Heee..

    Make normal ones leh…or how about combining this with a normal sweater… cool right? like those nike aerobic sweaters.

  2. Mike – weird meh? normal ones hard la. Let me slowly progress to the next level la.. cant run without knowing how to walk first … hehehe

    Cat – thanks! i dont think teapot warmer is in the pipeline. I dont even have a teapot! hahahahaha my next project will most likely be a matching fancy scarf for myself.

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