Food wishlist

One more week and we’ll be home!!

We have already started making a list of food we want to eat in this trip… here’s the first cut:

  • Sushi
  • Seafood (buy from Kuala Selangor)
  • Nasi lemak with sambal petai (Ming tien)
  • Bak kut teh (Sg Way)
  • Yong Tau foo with curry chee cheong fun (Sg Way)
  • Nasi lemak (Sg Way)
  • Asam laksa
  • Chai kueh (from Penang)
  • Roti canai
  • Nasi kandar (Penang)
  • Tong Sui (SS2)
  • Yau char keow
  • Dim sum
  • Wantan mee
  • Friend Hokkien Noodle (from the stalls)
  • Char koay Teow
  • Chendol
  • Rojak (Taman Bahagia)
  • Fruit rojak
  • Roti tissue & Watermelon special (Murni)
  • Chap fan / Economic rice (Kelana Jaya)
  • Claypot chicken rice (Damansara Jaya)
  • Chicken rice (Klang)
  • Ais Kacang
  • Satay (Giant or Tol)
  • Roast pork rice (Taman Megah)
  • Ikan bakar
  • Duck rice (Seapark)

8 thoughts on “Food wishlist

  1. What about fatty crabs? 😛 OMG! You have a very very long list, I doubt you will have enough time to satisfy your cravings. You’ll be eating 24-7!

  2. We dont really like farry crab. We’re gonna get fresh seafood and cook ourselves.. that’s if we’re not lazy when we’re back.. hahahaha

    I asked Dav exactly the same thing.. he said we got nothing to do when we’re back anyway… so we should fill the days hunting for food!

    That’s the reason why I’m not gonna diet until I come back… 😛

  3. Goodness….gracious!

    You only have 24 hours a day lah….
    but then again some places open 24 hours….maybe you can make it!

    Malaysia boleh!

  4. There are 28 items on your list… lets just assume u can makan 4 items a day… that works out to… 7 days.

    Easy lar. Super do-able girl.

  5. Sure can finish! Just buy at least 2 dishes each and share between u and dav or with friends, then no probs! 🙂 In fact, I think you should add more!

  6. what about the ipoh beansprout chicken porridge in ming tien? That’s always on the top of my food list…

    welcome back!

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