My mac is in hospital

Some of you might have heard me complain about my mac occasionally (the one and only prob i have!!). I had problem with the keyboard 6 months after buying it. As the problem is very very random and almost has its own mind, it’s hard to predict when it will occur or when it decides to behave.

Anyway, when it wants to give me a problem, all it needs to do is just make the second row of keys not work.. and to be more specific, only the keys from ‘A’ to ‘L’ does not work. The ‘Caps Lock’ key and the symbols keys besides ‘L’ works just fine… how random and odd is that?? Even the Apple guy concurs with me!

J asked me to bring it in when I was still in KL. But I refused. Probably due to laziness, or maybe I do not want to admit my fairly new macbook had a problem back then (btw this was back in 2007).

Finally for the past 2 weeks, the same problems occurred again. This time, it took longer than usual for it to recover. I think it doesnt want to recover. Thats why I decided to bring it into the Apple store today for the technician to have a look. After some random checking, the diagnosis were either (a) software is not working or (b) the keyboard contact is not working (ie hardware problem).

We tried to boot the mac from an external drive to elimante the software problem (ie problem a). If its the software problem, then I wont have to pay to fix it. But unfortunately, it’s not a software problem. So now the mac is gonna costs me GBP 100 to recover. Luckily this fix has a 3 months warranty.

So in the mean time, I will have to rely on Dav’s laptop or my work’s laptop for a week (hopefully). Hopefully my mac can come home soon. I miss it already!!!


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