Knitting project 2 – Mini success!!

I got the instructions from youtube.. there’s no instructions on my book for fingerless gloves. Unfortunately this is only a ‘mini’ success before the measurement is wrong! I was using a smaller yarn. So, mine became a ‘mini’ fingerless gloves. Well, at least I know that it works, I can start knitting one in bigger size… yipee!

Front view. It could only fit Dav’s 3 fingers. As you can see, this gloves involves learning how to knit different stitch.. thus the design. But it’s not very neat.. so at certain part of the gloves, it looks funny.


6 thoughts on “Knitting project 2 – Mini success!!

  1. thanks cat! will show u the final product… loving the pink yarn i bought to knit it! Gonna make a matching scarf too.

    yes mike, this fingerless glove has one big hole for the other 4 fingers…
    easier to knit.. wahahahahahah

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