End of holiday

It’s official. I’m typing this at 2339 on Sunday. Tmrw will be the first day of work. and I’ve been watching all 6 seasons of SATC for the past 4 days. Next on the list will be Lipstick Jungle. Been told by my friends it’s a great show. I’m also impressed that Dav have been watching SATC with me on n off and he actually laughed with me every now and then. Perhaps from this show he got a better understanding of women’s behavior cos he asked “Does women like to talk about their feelings?” and “Why does women like to talk?”… hehehehe

Looking back to the past 2 weeks, I am quite ashamed to say that I’ve literally done nothing but eat, shop, play games and watch dvd. I remember telling my friends at the beginning of the holiday that I would start a new knitting project (either a fingerless gloves or a beanie). But I havent event start a single stitch!

Then after dinner Dav told me in another 3 weeks, we’ll be on holiday again!! We’re heading back to KL for CNY. So… I think the next 3 weeks wont be very productive either… I’m afraid the next holiday at home will also be eat, shop and perhaps lots of gathering and catching up with friends.

p/s: It’s freeeezing in London. The temperature’s been hanging around -2 to 3 degrees. I’m asking where’s the snow!!!


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