First day of holiday

We didnt plan anything for this holiday season. I told Dav I will leave it up to him to plan something ‘spontaneous’ to do… so he said I cant say no when it happens.. LOL. Quite obvious I’ve been letting him down a few times to get that response.

Anyway, first day of holiday and yet I still have to receive a call from office. Which led me to turn off my blackberry. I used to check my emails once in a while during my holidays just to make sure that there’s nothing important that urgently need my response / reply. However this year, I think I’ve had enough of work. I just want to sit at home and not think about work. Let’s see if I will regret this. LoL.

So first task for the day is to clean the house. I’ve been quite ‘anal’ about cleanliness. I make sure that the floor gets vacummed and bathroom cleaned at least once a week. Cant believe how much dust (+ hair) there is. AND having wooden floors doesnt help either. When it’s dirty, you can either see it or feel it. Having carpet may just allow u to hide all the dust and dirt for a while. Which to me is actually even worse…

Enough about that. Gonna watch Fringe and play PS3….


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