Making a difference

I started using the same shopping bag for groceries since 4 months ago. I even carry it in my bag in case I need to stop by the local shop on my way home. It’s really useful and also contribute towards making the environment a better plc!!

Since 2 months ago, alot of the store has either start charging for plastic bags or limit the usage of the bag to encourage shoppers to bring their own and reuse old bags.

Here’s a pic showing dav with all our shopping. The bright orange bag is my regular shopping bag. I wanted to get one of those shopping cart that Cat has but those are only handy when u have regular shopping schedule.


One thought on “Making a difference

  1. Good on you and Dav for being green :):) Despite my trying to be green, I still use the Woolies plastic bags because I re-use them to line my bins at home. Either that or I will have to purposefully buy some which I think is equally an waste.

    You really should get one of those wheelie trolleys my dear. It takes a whole load off carrying heavy shopping bags. I got mine for something like A$25 so I figured a dollar each time I use it, 25 times, I’ve got my money’s worth :):)

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