More from Sunday's sight-seeing

Sunday was spent visitng the Carlsberh Brewery, discovering an immigrant town and witnessing the town hall christmas tree being lighted up in a spectacular way.

Did I mentioned the street light here are hanged on the street with wires?

At the entrance of the brewery.

First thing you see is the collection of beer bottles ever produced by Carlsbery worldwide. The bottles are arranged according to country and region it was produced for.

There’s lots of them!!

The beers we tried that afternoon. The entrance fees includes 2 beer sample. The beers were our breakfast!

  • Tuborg Superlight – Stink of sulphur
  • Carlsberg Elephant – Too strong. Contained 7.2% of alcohol.
  • Carl’s Special – Smooth and easy to drink
  • Jacobsen Brown Ale – Has chocolate taste. Very nice as well.

Santa has arrivied!! This Santa was quite thin. We suspect he is a fireman.

Santa’s little helper came along behind the Santa. They helped Santa giving out candies to the kids.

Finally Santa made it up the tree! I think we waited a good half hour in the cold for the ceremony!

Santa lighted the christmas tree by firing the centre piece star with fireworks…

and TA-DA!! The Star got lighted up too!!

It’s sooo spectacular! It’s kinda romantic too… looking at the fireworks on top of the christmas tree, in the cold, with your love one… I was glad that Dav insisted we stayed till the end. I was gonna head back to the hotel when the Santa still didnt get his ass up the ladder after like 20 mins wait.

This is how the christmas tree looked like after the ceremony.



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