Why oh why did it rained?

I didnt really have a gd time sight seeing in the city. It rained non-stop, it was damn cold and everything was so bloody expensive!! Things are so much more expensive compared to London. Thus we didnt buy anything. Although I have to say the design for furniture and household items are really nice.

I think the weather definitely did not encourage me to walk around the city. Luckily Dav was around. He insisted that we still go out even though it rained. We walked from the hotel which is in the city centre to the main shopping street and made our way to the new port and ended up by the canal where the famous ‘Little Mermaid’ statue was. Ah.. the statue was such a disappointment too!! It’s a very very small statue…

In summary, Saturday was spent walking around the city in the rain for 5 hours and ended with a hot shower in the hotel and ordering sushi for dinner in the hotel room. Sunday proved to be a much better day. Some pictures taken on Saturday.

View of Tivoli in the day time. You can see the outline of the roller coster on the left hand side.

At the entrance to the new port where the famous christmas market was held. Nothing spectacular except for the buildings in the surrounding area. As you can see I’m all dressed up with my bright umbrella. But nothing stops the wind from blowing the rain into my face and wet my jeans!

The path towards the ‘Little Mermaid’ statue… can see or not?? hahahahah so damn small!!!! There’s even tourist boat stopping for tourist to take a pic from the boat.

There she is… okla.. at least I can say I have seen her in person!

This is the most exciting find of the day! We were at McDonalds having breakfast and then we saw hotdogs in the menu. Then we didnt pay attention to what the the lady was putting on our tray until after we paid. Interestingly we found we have just ordered a bag of baby carrots!! Honestly the pic on the wall looks like sausages! We even asked whether it was sausages and she said yes.. Anyway, I dont think you’ll find any McDonalds which serve carrots… we did!! In Copenhagen!! hahahahahaha


2 thoughts on “Why oh why did it rained?

  1. Wah…so many updates…i missed.

    Head..head..head…keep it warm.

    OK FB is dangerous. I know. See uncle me still no FB acct.

    Mermaid, wah that is one OLD mermaid.

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