Hello… you remember me?

Something strange happens every now and then. It happened to me last week.

I was tracked down by my ex-school mate in FB. The funny thing was I have no idea AT ALL who she was. It was quite embarrassing really. We were exchanging at least 6-7 messages in FB until I was convinced that she was who she said she is although I could not remember. Not only was she asking me to add her as a friend in FB, she also asked me to add her on my messenger. I did both without really thinking. I mean she knows half of my classmates and details like where my dad’s office was and where my sis studied!

Anyway, after exchanging info for another half hour on messenger I was still clueless. I even looked at her pictures … no recollection of anyone who looks like her… I am amazed that I could totally forgotten about someone whom I shared lots of information with.

That is not the end of it. I also asked my other schoolmate who sat next to me for 2 yrs about whether she know this girl. Like me, she has no idea at all. So maybe it’s not me huh.. maybe this girl just wanted to be my friend..

Dav gets very ‘upset’ with me when I share private info with strangers so easily. So I dont think he is very impress with this… hahahahaha oh well. Its too late now.


5 thoughts on “Hello… you remember me?

  1. U know, there’s this gal also wanted me to add her in my FB and she said she’s my classmate as well…when i looked at her pic, i can’t recall at all!! Then i chked her infor, i believed she’s ur classmate instead of mine coz she was born in ur year not mine!!! Her name is Shawn Yue…did she request u to add her in ur FB?

  2. Hi Steph – you found me! Sorry for not replying earlier, was not sure if I was going to make it to London but in the end I just did Paris and Amsterdam. Hopefully next time!

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