Is it the tea or the cauliflower soup?

I have been quite diligent in taking the flu jab every year. Never had any problems with flu for the past few years after taking the jab. It’s free anyway (cos the company pays for it). So why not … Surprisingly I’ve been hit hard with the a stubborn cold. Been sneazing for the past 2 weeks and now it got even worse on the first day of my trip to Copenhagen !!

I’m writing this post on my bed at 0530 !! For some strange reason I couldnt sleep even though I’m dead tired from the cold. It might be the tea that I took… but I never had any side effects from drinking green tea before. It could be the soup I took just before I sleep. But I doubt it.

Now I’m yawning waiting for the dawn… so exhausted. It’s only the bloody first day of 2 weeks in Copenhagen. Hopefully will get better when the weekend comes around cos Dav will be here.

This is me welcome to Denmark….


4 thoughts on “Is it the tea or the cauliflower soup?

  1. You should ask Jeanie abt those jabs. Apparently they got like tons of type of flu and the jab doesnt save you from all of them.

  2. Thanks Cat … feeling much better … but the cold weather is not helping!!

    Yes Mike, I know. You would think that WHO will recommend the best flu jab to the citizen of the world !! I think NOT!

  3. Get well soon! I always get the flu even with a flu jab, so many strains out there, just our luck to catch the ones that are not covered by the jab! Rest up and stay warm. 🙂

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