What’s nice about London Zoo?

Nothing except maybe the monkeys and the penguins (which we could hardly see due to huge crowd!).

The highlight of the London Zoo is the newly built ‘Gorilla Kingdom’. That was quite a disappointment really. The enclosure was huge, with educational boards introducing the various interesting facts about gorilla. However, all the gorillas did not come out and play. They were in a room, 3 of them sleeping and 1 sitting in front of the viewing window looking bored.

Maybe it’s the weather or maybe Zoo is no longer a happy place to visit. Most of the animals we saw looked bored. I think the reptiles and amphibians displays were the most interesting.

I would not recommend the London Zoo really. I think the Singapore Zoo is better.

Note: If you really want to visit the Zoo, try using the 2for1 promotion where you can get 2 tickets for the price of 1 with a valid National Rail ticket. Entry price is £17 each for adult.

Note 2: Dav didn’t take that many pictures. He got bored as well in the middle of the trip…


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