Day Trip to Oxford

What was suppose to be a road trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Oxford became just a day trip to Oxford due to a friend’s birthday dinner. It was a very interesting trip except for the cold and the rain!!

The day started at 0630 on a Sat cos we arranged to take a 0851 train from Paddington. It is quite an early start, but we wanted to arrive back in London in time for the dinner. I was quite surprised that everyone makes it on time without much complains…. Hahahah NOT! I never hear the end of arranging a train ride so early on a Saturday morning. Although we started early, we still did not have enough time to go to all the places we wanted to!!!

Upon arrival we make our way to the tourist information centre, which is located in the city centre. I would not recommend taking the hop-on hop-off bus. It was quite expensive, something like £20 per adult. Instead we decided on a 2 hours walking tour with a blue badge guide. The walking tour only costs £7 each.

The walking tour was quite good. We visited the various highlights of the city centre and also manage to visit one college!! (i.e. going into the college’s dinning hall and chapel) After the tour, we rushed to visit another 2 more colleges before we had to head back to the train station. We also learnt some of the many famous Oxford graduate and which college they were from. Besides that we also learnt about some of the ‘unusual’ Oxford tradition. The most bizarre being the requirement to dress up in gown and mortarboard to sit for your exams!!! Not only do you have to dress up, the students have to pin different carnation onto their gown depending on the examination day (e.g. first day of exam = white carnation, mid exam week = white and last day = red carnation).

I have to say the college reminds me a lot about Harry Potter. Some of the scenes were even shot in Oxford! Here are some very nice pictures Dav took.

The group already having fun even before the trip started!! The picture was taken at the Oxford train station.

Entrance to one of the 38 colleges in Oxford.

Nice mirror in the Science Museum.

Beautiful girls walking around while waiting for the walking tour to start.

Everyone intensely listening to the tour guide introducing Oxford.

A gargoyle was built to commemorate a famous ex student. I can’t remember his name…

The famous bridge in Oxford. There’s a famous pub just beside the bridge, hidden behind the building. The tour guide highly recommends the pub and so we decided to try it out over lunch. It was quite a good meal and we were lucky we could get a table cos it was packed!

This is my favourite picture from our outing !!! Looks so professionally taken….

Nice view of the Christchurch Chapel.


2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Oxford

  1. Gorgeous pics Dave! Makes me want to get a SLR (I’ve been still sitting on it for fear of not carrying it around unlike my lightweight degicam). Hmmm…what should I do?? Decisions, decicions :):)

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