Sartorial Tagging

Tagged by Azura.

Good times = Globe trekker.
Bad times = Corporate Policewomen.

*Best sartorial advice from your parents?
That makes you look fat!

*Style icons
None. Whatever I fancy.

*Describe your personal style
None. Whatever that’s comfy and nice.

*I build my daily look around…
What’s in the wardrobe.

*Personal Style quirk
Flat shoes.

*Favorite designers

*Most cherished item
My one and only Ferragamo handbag.

*I feel best wearing?
Anything that’s comfy and simple.

*The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist’s outfit
The whole look.

*I always break this fashion rule(s)
Don’t know what’s the fashion rule!

*I never break this fashion rule(s)
See above.

*Never leave house with..
Nothing come to mind.

*Never caught wearing?
Platform shoes.

*Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?

*Dress to impress who?
No one.

*Shine your own shoes?
Not at all!

*Favorite stores?
Uniqlo, Zara.

*Your next “must have” purchase?
Don’t fancy anything except for toys!

*I only buy __________ in Europe.
I buy whatever I can afford and like.

*I skimp when buying …
Same as Azura, I rather pay slightly more to get better quality products.

*I splurge on…..
Unfortunately it is not clothing related… hehehehe I splurge on electronic toys.

*Favorite item of clothing
Dont have any fav clothing item.

*Guilty pleasure

*Cologne, skincare

*Most stylish city (Milan, Paris, London, New York, other)
All of the above?

*When I was in high school I wore?
Oversize black t-shirt and jeans.

Used to play badminton. Now only cycle.

*Favorite fashion magazine?

*Favorite vacation spot?

*Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Sg Wei – Bak Kut Teh
Paramount Garden – Kopitiam

I tag Catty Pants.


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