First English Football Match Experience

Never thought I would do this but I’ve officially attended a football match in London!

It was a last minute invitation from my colleague. Arsenal was playing Sheffield United for the Carling Cup. Apparently because it’s not a Premiership match, it would be relatively easy to get tickets. Paid £20 for the ticket and indeed it was a superb match! Arsenal was really good… imagine they score 6 goals!!

Emirates Stadium is quite impressive… well of course it is.. since it is still quite relatively new. Here’s some pics of the stadium and match.

Having a quick bite just before the kickoff!

Can hardly see the players at the start of the match. But we had good view on 2nd half as Arsenal was attacking towards our side!

Total attendance for the match was approx 57k!!! That’s a near full attendance I think.

Cushion seats!! So comfy…

Evidence that I was actually in Emirates Stadium!!! (for Amir to drool on… waahahahahah)


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