Marriage test numero dos

Who ever says furniture shopping with your husband or wife is a fun activity is lying!!

We went to Ikea yesterday to get some furniture for our newly rented empty flats and we spent a good 4 hours picking up the stuff we wanted. And this is AFTER browsing through Ikea online catalogue several times for a few days! and knowing very well what we wanted…. The problem was the thing you see online is not the same as the touch and feel experience.

It turns out both of us have very different view on what is nice and what is not. I gave up after receiving a few silent answer from Dav (silence means don’t like). So after that, it was my turn to be silent (my way of indicating ‘I dont care anymore, just choose whatever you like’). On our way out, Dav commented that there must be quite a few arguments that goes on in Ikea cos other couples must be going through what we’re going through as well!

Anyway, the shopping ended on a good note. We got 95% of what we were looking for (thanks to me checking the stock availability on Ikea online and Dav for choosing the items) and managed to transport all our goods back to the new flat all in one piece.

The weekend was then spent cleaning up the place and putting up our new furnitures. We only managed to get the bed and the bookshelf up cos Dav still need to finish up his assignments. Plus the furniture needs 2 person to be put together.. I cant do it on my own.

Here’s some more new pictures of our new flat.

Dav busy finishing up his assignment while I continue unpacking and cleaning up. Look at our new book shelf! (On the left) We spent a good one hour, putting this shelf together (also hammering away for an hour!). Hopefully the tv bench and the coffee table wont need so much hard work. They are still in the boxes (on the floor behind Dav). Oh, our landlord also brought some ‘string’ for our curtains… I kinda like the look of tying the curtains on top. What do you think ?

This is our bathroom. Loving the cabinets!! Many cabinets = more space to put stuff! Plus it’s all mirror. We dont have enough space in our bedroom to put the laundry basket, so it’s sitting underneath the sink for the moment. There’s even spot light just under the shelf which can be turn on separately.

Our new bed!! I absolutely love this bed post!!! Dav thinks that it is quite girly… but I still love it!!! hehehehehe I’m a happy girl…. Oh, we’ve got brand new mattress, pillows and we even manage to get a bolster for Dav!! It was categorized as a pillow in Ikea… but it looks like a bolster and it feels like a bolster! Am thinking whether I should get one more.

The hallway. That’s the main entrance. As you can see, there’s a few luggage bags and a vacuum cleaner.. There’s no place to keep them yet. So they will stay there for a while. We also got a shoe rack, located just beside the entrance door (cant really see from the pic above).


Note: I think first marriage test is living together…  😛


9 thoughts on “Marriage test numero dos

  1. I love it all! 🙂 Some nice ribbons instead of string for the curtains would be perfect. 🙂 Very nice how it’s tied up in your picture. Enjoy the setting up!

  2. I love the bathroom too!!! So shiny and new :):) I like!!!

    And that Expedit bookcase (if my Ikea memory serves me right, that is hwat it is called!) is apparently one of Ikea’s best selling items in their range.

    I love Ikea but I do agree, some of their products do “falter” in the touch and try testing. But I love Ikea all the same! :):)

  3. I never have problem with jeanie when it comes to ikea…but then i dont have much of a taste…she decides.

    Also..we not married…so maybe that is why.

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