Brand new place!

Today we got the keys to our brand new flat! But we have not moved over yet as we still need to get some furniture. The flat is a brand new flat. No one has stayed in here before. The landlord was trying to sell this place for over a year but not successful, thus he is renting it out now. 

Here’s a sneak preview:

Living room with a balcony. We’re on the ground floor and the flat has a huge balcony. We’re thinking maybe we should invest in a daybed ? Also look at the HUGE windows…. LOVING IT!

Kitchen. This is an open kitchen. Kinda small compared to our current place but it has a MUCH MUCH BIGGER fridge AND finally a separate FREEZER! Ohh.. also look at the window again…. BEAUTIFUL! The kitchen window looks out to a church. Yes, our neighbor is a church.

Yes, our new fridge!! The freezer is the one below it.

More pictures to come once we get settled in….


15 thoughts on “Brand new place!

  1. Oooooh….love the new place! Especially the wonderfully large windows with the gorgeous white, billowing curtains and the yummy kitchen. I can already envision how to decorate the place :):)

  2. Hey Steph, we don’t have exact dates yet but will be after Chinese New Year. We’ll be in KL for CNY so maybe will catch up with you then.
    We are still pulling our hair out over the visa application. It’s taking FOREVER! Will keep you posted. 🙂

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