Something about Stellenbosch

Although I told everyone I was in Cape Town, technically that’s incorrect. I did land in Cape Town International Airport, however my office was in a town called Stellenbosch, which is an hour drive away from Cape Town City Centre. So by right, I should have said I’m going to Stellenbosch. This is my second trip to South Africa. Was on holiday with my family ages ago (I think 10+ years) where we visited Durban, Cape Town and Joberg.

So I left last Saturday night, took me 12 hours (overnight plane) to reach Cape Town (damn freaking far! same amount of time to go back to Msia). Arrived in Cape Town on Sun morning with a storm going on. It feels like I brought the bad weather along with me from London. Anyway, the BAT Security Manager greeted me at the arrival hall (didnt even know they were coming) and he gave me a 10 min brief on the security situation in Cape Town and gave me a security booklet and a emergency number card for emergency purposes. Didnt realise South Africa was a high risk country!

After all that, I was taken to my hotel. Supposedly 5 star winery resort & spa. I think after one week I felt that it was too posh for my liking. Why I say that ?? Well, imagine, to have dinner in one of their restaurant, you’ll have to 1) make reservation and 2) have to dress formally. The information booklet in the room stated no t-shirt, flip-slops and jeans. So no visiting the restaurant. Luckily there was the bar which also serve food.

Upon arrival, a dear friend (and also ex-colleague) who recently moved back to Cape Town invited me to his house for a braai (Afrikaans for bbq). Braai is a very big thing in South Africa. After which we took a drive around the coasts.

Last weekend I also took an opportunity to go on a wine tour. Stelenbosch is very famous for its wine. They have lots of wine farms and you’ll never get tired of the wine routes as they have lots of it! Am not sure whether this is bigger than Barossa Valley. Anyhow, I think I liked the wine alot cos I ended up buying 6 bottles of wine from visiting 5 wine estates. If you’re ever in Cape Town, definintely try to squeeze in a wine tour!

I think Cape Town would be quite a nice place to retire. They got the ocean, the mountains AND the vineyard! Security is not that bad. But property prices is quite high…. as it is a tourist attraction. Can consider to settle here I think….

Not very clear in the picture but mother and baby is sitting at a bar area with the braai. This area is an extension of the house and is totally separated from the living room.

Not only does my friend’s house has a dedicated bar with braai, there’s also a swimming pool and a fish pond (not in view)!!

Jeandre starting the braai.

That’s his bbq tools. Just next to the fire pit.

Saw a rainbow while driving by the bay.

That’s Table Mountain in the background, slightly covered by the clouds. Apparently when the mountain is covered in clouds, the local would call it Table cloth covering table mountain… hehehehe I thought that was quite funny.

Entrance to my hotel.

Slave bell. They used these bells in the older days to gather all slaves. Of course it’s not being used now. This is quite a nice spot. Saw a wedding being held at this very same spot last weekend.

The hotel is surrounded by mountains.

Went to a African restaurant called Moyo @ The Spiers. Had buffet dinner. The game meat was fantastac! This is coming from me who seldom eat red meat!! I had more red meat last week then last year alone !!

The whole of Cape Town is surrounded by mountains. So you can imagine, everywhere you go, you’ll get this kind of view.

We were driving along the coasts and there were strong wind coming from the mountains and also strong winds from the ocean… which blew the sands everywhere!!

Wines from Stellenbosch. One sparkling Shiraz (red), one Demi Sec (sparking white wine) and one Chenin Blanc (white).


2 thoughts on “Something about Stellenbosch

  1. Cape Town looks amazing! No wonder my family enjoyed that particular part of South Africa.

    PS: Did you try their famous meat jerky “biltong”? Joel’s family always has this at their place being South African. Yup, the boy is South African Chinese! I’ve now gone out with Malaysian Chinese, Indonesian/Singaporean Chinese and South African/Aussie Chinese! heeheeehee

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