Short weekend

Came back from Hamburg yesterday nite and already it’s Sat nite! I’m flying back to Hamburg tmrw evening.

There’s something seriously wrong with my Mac today. Firstly the keyboard didnt work (strangely only the middle rows of keys doesnt work). Then after a few hours, my iTunes music library was corrupted. After which all my RSS feed is wipe out from Shook (a tool use to read updated website). Then I realise the pic in my instant messaging tool has been removed as well. I certainly hope the hard disk wont crash like Azura‘s.

For the past few weeks we have been busy viewing flats as we’ve received notice from the agent that the landlady is taking back the flat. So we have to move out by the end of Sept. Looking for a brand new place proof to be quite difficult especially when I’m traveling and there’s a few criteria we’re trying to fulfill. I am starting to realise we might have been very lucky when we first got here as we found the current place in 2 days.

Anyway, it’s long weekend in UK next week. So Dav will be joining me in Hamburg for some R&R. Cant wait!!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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