Graffiti or Art?

Joyce and I spent the whole day walking around London looking for the famous Banksy graffiti. It was raining almost the whole day but that didnt stop us! A lot of these graffiti has been painted over by other stuff, so you wont be able to see the original state of the ‘art’. I kinda like looking at these… so perhaps it’s an art for me?

Here’s some Banksy that we found:


‘Tesco Allegiance’. We overshot by almost half a km due to me not paying attention to the road signs!

London Doesn’t Work Rat

‘London Doesn’t Work’. This is one the cutest of all the graffiti we found!


‘Guard & Poodle’. This was found right outside London famous Cargo Club.


‘Beaten up Buddha’


‘Cave Painting Cleaner’ (Check out original here)


‘Hoodie’. The guy is suppose to be holding a knife and his left chest bleeding from stabbing. See original pic here.


Rioter poised to throw a flower as if it were a bomb.


‘One Nation Under CCTV’. We actually came across this when we were shopping in Oxford street. It was a good find.


An ‘artistic’ shot.

Here’s some non-Banksy work which we found in a tunnel. Lots of them for the matter.


This reminds me of what Amir and I always talk about – Dont shit where you eat!


Pope + Marilyn Monroe =  WEIRD


Donkey Kong – What you looking at?


This is my other fav graffiti.


I think this could be Banky’s but I’m not sure. Nevertheless, it is a very sweet portray of the little girl.


Trapped under a cart.


Original colour – black and white. Edited to blue using PS.


Audrey attacked by Cat!! Can you see the blood splatter…..

More pictures can be found on Joyce’s Flickr and her blog.

If you want to know the location of these graffiti, just drop me a line and I’m happy to send u the address/ link.


4 thoughts on “Graffiti or Art?

  1. Definitely art lah! Forget Tate and that lauchee (lousy) blank canvas with a gash across it. This type of art is tangible and pretty to look at.

    Hey don’t forget, month of December, Mr Banksy and gang will have an exhibition on, location always changes from year to year. It’s called Santa’s Ghetto. Go visit it. You knot it’ll be worth it!

    I’m planning for one next Christmas! Hee HEE! Santa help me pls!

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