Red Bull Air Race

This competition arrived in London last week. We saw the advertisement on tv and thought it was quite cool. We only went to the pre-qualifying. I have to say one round finishes quite fast… approximately half hour and after a while it gets kinda boring. What’s more interesting was the air show where there’s helicopters and small planes performing stunts.

Would we do this again next year ?? Prolly not….

Susie with coffee

Susie in need of coffee in the morning.


Charles annoyed there’s no Jamaican flag… and settled for the GB flag instead.


This glider small plane is sooo cool…. it just flies around effortlessly. Almost like a bird.


Checkout the clouds!!! It was cloudy and it rain on and off a few times. This was not the worse. The next day where the finals took place, the weather was worse. We were quite lucky.


This obstacle was right in front of us.


I like this pic! Of course taken by my hubby.


Hehehehe not sure what Charles is thinking about… maybe he’s still upset he didnt get a Jamaican flag.


Cute baby with a flag.


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