Summer BBQ

“It’s summer, it’s hot, let’s BBQ!” That’s what I told my colleagues last week in the office and so we planned for the bbq in one day. The invites only went out the day before the BBQ. Luckily a colleague has a big place with a big backyard and 2 other female colleagues were willing to help putting the food together. I contributed by making Pimms of course… hahahahahaha. It was a very successful and good BBQ! Cant wait for another round before autumn/ winters come along.


Charles (from Trinidad & Tobago) was the cook for the day.


Suzy (Italian) and Cecile (La Reunion) helped prepared some Italian and French salads.


Starter while waiting for the bbq fire started. Great cheese!


A South African, English and a Brazilian enjoying their drinks.


The girls concentrating hard on a conversation.


Dav loving the BBQ.


Taking a break after cooking for a while.

Mike – I miss our aussie bbq… remember uncle herman’s plc with the swimming pool ??


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