Birthday surprise

I was very happy when I found out that Dav have asked me to be free on the weekend after my birthday for a surprise dinner. He was extremely secretive abt the restaurant and the location. He wont even allow me to use his iPhone the whole week leading to the dinner on Sunday, fearing that I would somehow check his phonebook/ recent calls/ emails/ etc etc for some clues. As we were taking the tube he wont even tell me which station to stop!!

I did suspect whether it would be one of those Michelin star restaurant like Nobu or Gordon Ramsay. We have been talking about Nobu for some time now. But it turn out to be a very good surprise.

We ate at St. John Restaurant at Spitalfield. This place was voted World’s 50 Best Restaurant, sitting at No. 16 even though they dont have a Michelin star!! The restaurant’s motto is very simple, they cook everything from the pig’s head to it’s tail… so you’ll find they offer very ‘interesting’ menu. But we enjoyed the food and the atmosphere a lot. Although it is a very popular place (Dav cant get a reservation on a Sat even though he called like one week in advance), the restaurant dont feel posh / upmarket / done up. It’s just like any other British restaurant with a pub feel as it adopts an open space dining concept.

If anyone asked, we would definitely recommend it! (except for the muslim of course)


Celebrating with a bottle of bubbles.


Tasty foie gras


Langoustine served with mayo


Pork… cant remember how it’s done. But very creamy and tasty.


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