Richmond Park – 2nd Visit

We cycled to Richmond Park again on Sat to soak in some sun while Dav do some studying. It wasn’t a very nice day but surprisingly the sun came out a few times. Funnily we were suppose to have lunch by the pond but Dav forgot to keep the food in his bag and instead we enjoyed a bottle of white wine.


There’s wild deers roaming around the whole park. This one was minding its own business having some food. It was very near where we were resting as well.


View of the pond from where the spot we rested.


Enjoying the day in the park with a glass of white wine and a book.

On our way back, Dav brought me to a new pub very near to our place. It’s called ‘The Telegraph’. The pub is hidden in the residential area. Am quite annoyed that we only found this place now!


Entrance to the pub. Very lovely with lots of flowers and plants.


There’s places to sit inside and outside.


Dav ordered pork chop with mushroom sauce and roasted potatoes. I love the sauce.


I ordered roasted duck with sweet sauce which is very nice as well.


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