Buon Giorno, Italia!

Been going to Rome on and off for the past 3 weeks and finally my assignment has finished (I think). Anyway, the office was quite far away from the city centre thus I didn’t really take any effort to go out until last week. For my birthday, my colleagues took me out to dinner in the city. We went to a restaurant called ‘Gusto’. It was really nice. Also picked up a new favourite drink, Italian sparkling wine. It’s called ‘Prosecco’.


‘Brithday cake’ from my Italian colleagues. Very nice fruit tarts…


Also got a card. Check out who it’s from written on the card – The ‘spaghetti audit team’ … hahahahah


First glass of Prosecco for the nite. Only had 2 but it gets rite into the blood stream.. almost like champagne but this one taste better than champagne.


My dessert. Apparently a typical Italian dessert. It has strawberries, custard, chocolate chops and pastry puff. Not bad.


My colleagues enjoying the same dessert too.


After a nice dinner, we took a walk around and stumble upon the famous Spanish stairs in Rome.  Still a lot of people at 10pm !


Trying to catch a pic of the Colisseum from the taxi on the way back to the hotel. Not a bad effort seeing that I was using my iPhone.


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