Retail Therapy… I dont think so

As you know, Heathrow Terminal 5 is brand new and it’s suppose to have good shops for travellers to contribute to the economy before they leave the country. Well it’s a good cause, plus it’s duty free prices! Apparently some of these branded shops have exclusively made items only can be found in Heathrow T5. But I was only fascinated by the Tiff & Co shop.

Seems like Tiff & Co have started selling customised charm bracelets. They didnt have an extensive range of charms compared to Thomas Sabo BUT the prices are incredible!! One charm on average costs around £100!!!!


So I tried to ‘make’ this charm bracelet (see above) and guess how much it came up to …… £550!!!!! I can travel around Europe with that kind of money man. Plus it’s only silver!

However I did come across a very nice bangle… Elsa Peretti Sevillana bangle.


This one costs £215 (online price). Duty price of £180… £35 cheaper. Was quite tempted to buy it.. but didnt.

Next time you’re flying via Heathrow T5.. remember to check out the shops.


3 thoughts on “Retail Therapy… I dont think so

  1. Changi Aiport also has a Tiff and Co :):) Hehehe…*evil grin*

    Waaaah, that single charm for 100 sterling is MIGHTY ex. I’m not too sure how much it cost in Sin/Oz but I’ve told Joel VERY sternly that I don’t want anymore of their silver jewellry. I emphasise SILVER – those things called diamonds are exempted :):)

    And just a tip – don’t ever wrap ANY jewellery of yours in tissue. I did just that and me being the anti-clutter, ultra-neat freak, I cleaned out my bag and chucked away all the rubbish AND the tissue which had the Tiff silver starfish in it!! ARRRGH!

  2. Retail therapy is good…………….

    Untill you sober up and find out the amount you wasted on a non essential item…

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