Back to work

It’s back to work after 1 month off… it feels slightly odd but quite refreshing. Obviously there was tonnes of emails to reply and actions to complete but so is the traveling. First assignment starting this Thursday and I will be traveling back and forth between Italy, Romania and Bulgaria for the next 2 weeks.
The weather has been great with the occasional showers. Although it’s hot during the day, by night time it cools down to a nice 10 – 17 degrees. So that means, still can sleep without fan!! Hot weather also mean can do so much things in the city! Plus the weirdest is that the sun rise by 5am and only sets at 10pm. But I’ve been told this will not last as the sun is setting 3 mins earlier everyday.

Dav and I have been having fun playing ‘The Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass’ on the DS Lite. Never thought I would enjoy problem solving games… I mean when playing games u just wanna relax and not think so much rite…

Anyway am looking forward to my girlfriend’s visit at the end of July for 3 weeks. Cant wait!


One thought on “Back to work

  1. How lovely it is to have such long hours of daylight!! One can do so much more!!

    Over here in Oz, it gets dark at 5pm which is real bummer because you feel like you can’t do anything but stay indoors at home. If it was Summer, at least I could still go biking after I came home from work as the sun only sets at 8pm (it would be better if t was at 10pm like you guys!!)

    But the real reason why I’m writing this comment is because I actually recognise the sentence “Legend of Zelda”!!!!!! Joel loves that game and has completed the one on the Nintendo console. I will ask him all about it before I go to sleep later…hehehe…he will be so excited to tell me ALL about it 🙂

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