Tennis rocks!

How can one live in Wimbledon and not attend THE event held in the suburb ??

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please google ‘Wimbledon Championships’. We attended the Grand Slam event with Darren yesterday. Dav does not know much about tennis and me, I know some and dont know some. Automatically Darren became our walking/ talking tennis encyclopedia (Thanks Darren!).

As this is THE biggest event in UK (in terms of tennis of course), we cant escape the British culture of queuing. We woke up at 0500 and walked to Wimbledon Park Car Park to join the queue at 0630. Darren had pre-warned us that we will have to queue for at least 3 hours before we reach the entrance to the grounds!! It took us 4.5 hours!! Although it’s such a long wait, I was quite impress at how organized and easy it was. There’s no concern of people cutting queue as you’re being escorted to the current line as you arrive and then we’re given a numbered queue card (only one each) which is required when we reach the ticket stands and a sticker to prove that you’re in the queue. There’s also a lot ‘Steward’ which assists the visitor in joining the queue. There’s also lots of toilet facilities in the queue area.

This is actually my second Grand Slam events. I attended the Australian Open back in 2001 with my uni mates. It was a very fun weekend trip. We didn’t ‘bump’ into any famous tennis star this time, but we did watched some exciting games in the smaller courts. Some of which:

  • Ladie’s Singles – Tamarine Tanasugarn (Thailand) def Marina Erakovic (New Zealand)
  • Ladie’s Singles – Shahar Peer (Israel) def Dinara Safina (Russia)
  • Men’s Doubles – Bob & Mike Bryan (USA) def Frantisek Cermak (Czech Republic)/ Jordan Kerr (Australia)
  • Mixed Doubles – Bob Bryan/ Samantha Stosur (USA) def Eric Butorac/ Bethanie Mattek(USA)

We stayed till about 1700 after getting burnt and contributing to the local economy (spending money eating/drinking and buying souvenirs!). 🙂


Arriving at 0630 is not good enough… there were already tonnes of ppl forming multiple lines!


Darren trying to occupy time by reading…


Tennis ball binoculars given out as free gift when you but the newspaper. It looks quite innocent here until….


you turn it around! hahahahaha


The gentlemen posing for the amateur photographer. This is actually one of my favorite pic.


A bunch of guys dressing up as famous tennis players from the 70’s and 80’s. One even wore a ladies’ tennis dress with a Borat underwear!! Quite entertaining…


Guess who…


Evian spray being sold in a nice looking bath tub…. quite ex for a small bottle of spray (£3!).


Another group of guys dressing up….


Not sure who is this but great shot! hehehehe


Can you spot us ?? This is at one of the smaller courts…


This player is playing for the Girl’s Champhionship. She’s suppose to be around 13-15 but dont look young…


Dinara Safina, sister of former World No 1, Marat Safin. We were cheering for her to win but she didnt! What a disappointment.


The ‘Murray Hill’ is jam packed! Everyone watching Andy Murray who is playing in the Centre Court.


Front view of the ‘Murray Hill’.


There was still a lot of people queuing at 1700!! The matches usually ends by 2000/2100.


Walking home after a very long and hot day.

Next year – French Open!!!


6 thoughts on “Tennis rocks!

  1. Did you participate in the ever famous strawberries and cream? 🙂 (trust me to ask about food!)

    PS: Golly, the weather in London looks amazing!!!! It is FREEZING over this part of the world 😦

  2. Of course Cat!! We even got it for free (courtesy of HSBC – free for HSBC account holder) .. hehehehe
    Not forgetting drinking lots of Pimms!

  3. Ahh… Ozzie Open… brings back memories…esp when toopid chicken man got us l;ost and almost out of fuel on the way back.

    Weather @ the All England must be better then what we went thru during the Oz Open.

    PS: The T shirt you “lost” to me too big for me now…how? ROFL.

  4. Mike, perhaps the “lost” t-shirt could be use as a blanket.. hahahaha It is out of my control that you lose so much weight…

    Oh… btw, you’ve got it right.. it is indeed Agassi.

    Did you watch the Wimbledon final??? Damn ‘gan-cheong’ man… pity Fed didnt win.

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