Taste of London 2008

First activity back in London was to visit the ‘Taste of London 2008’ @ The Regent’s Park. We were unaware of such event until Darren asked us whether we’re interested to go early Saturday morning. Here’s a short summary of the Taste Festivals:

‘Seen as ‘One of the World’s greatest food festivals’ (Time Magazine, October 2007) Taste of London will be hosting over 40 of the capital’s top restaurants in the glorious surrounds of Regent’s Park on 19-22 June.

Restaurants including Le Gavroche, L’Atelier du Joel Robuchon, China Tang and Café Anglais will be serving up signature dishes in sample sizes and world class, Michelin starred chefs including Tom Aikens, Angela Hartnett, Gary Rhodes and Atul Kochhar will be showing off their renowned culinary skills.’

We enjoyed it although the weather could be better (it was cloudy and grey the whole evening with the threat of rain). We stuffed ourself silly with gourmet food and sampled various beers, wines, snacks, etc, etc. Luckily we all went with an empty stomach. Although the servings were in sample sizes, we were very full towards the end of spending all our ‘crowns’ (the money used to buy the food on the ground).

We went without doing any research and no knowledge of which top restaurants or chefs are there.. we basically follow the crowd, logical rite. When there’s good food, there will be lots of ppl! We just wanted to makan basically.. hahahaha. I did find out that there was 10 restaurants in the festivals which has at least one Michelin star!


Entrance to the food heaven…


Modeling for the avid photographer hubby while waiting for Darren and Azura to arrive.


No comments… ask dav. He wanted me to take the pic…


Dav’s fav pic… of course I’m the photographer. 🙂


Yummy scallop


Smoked chicken and foie gras terrine from Le Gavroche (2 Michelin stars restaurant!)


Chocolate fondue with marshmallow, strawberry and biscotti from Boxwood Cafe, one of Gordon Ramsay’s many restaurant in London.


Even Azura gives the thumb’s up.


Dav’s fav… parma ham with melon, also from Boxwood Cafe.


Resting to get ready for 2nd round


Pig trotters …. nice


Mojito. Would be a great drink if it was warm and sunny!


Wasabi prawns! Prawns were fresh and big… it will be perfect if there was more wasabi!


All went home full and happy….


4 thoughts on “Taste of London 2008

  1. Foooooood!!!!! 🙂

    Any thoughts about trying out Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London? Apparently the man is opening on here in Melbourne soon and will make a TV show out of it. I’m undecided if I like him or not but will definitely let my tastebuds decided that soon enough 🙂

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