Today we cycled to Richmond Park to check out the deers Dav found the last time he went there. We brought along some snacks and our books. Unfortunately some of our food was being ‘tested’ by a Labrador (i.e. less food). But we still had a great time. We saw some deers and ducks by the ponds. There isn’t much photos as Dav didnt bring his camera. We had a lot of fun, and have decided that we will cycle to the park every weekend just to chill out and read under the sun (if the weather permits of course). 🙂


Resting at Barnes Park.


Dav had to check for directions using his phone cos we were slightly lost… but we found out way in the end by asking passerby! hahahaha so much for technology.

2 thoughts on “Cycling

  1. Hmm.. bikes on ground. Must be no side stand..must be race bikes. LOLz..

    Looks like a GT frame. Rigid forks and are those Alivio shifters?

    You should get Dave a nice hydration back pack..instead of the Tibet looking sling thingy.

  2. eh so technical, dunno the specs la…

    we are also thinking of getting a hydration backpack… but dav’s criteria is that it must be able to store food/snacks… got any recommendations?

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