3G iphone annouced!

My iPhone is barely 6 months old and Apple yesterday (today in US) annouce the new 3G iphone in the WWDC Conference. That is ok until I found out that it’s half the price cheaper than the one I got!!! Lesson learn: Not to buy gadget unless it is really really new and check those rumours mill cos most of the time they are pretty accurate.

The 3G iphone will be launched in 22 countries (3 Asian countries – No Malaysia, soli) on July 11th:


Then another lucky 44 countries will get to enjoy the 3G iphone “later this year” (4 Asian countries – still no sight of the Malaysian flag, soli):


If you havent noticed from the flags presented, check out the map they used (see below). You’ll see that the phone will be launched in the whole of South America. Do they have better 3G coverage than Asia…?? Esp from my knowledge they are not really that developed….


I guess my brand new phone will be an ‘old junk’ by next month …. *sob*sob*

Read more about the 3G iphone @ Engadget

5 thoughts on “3G iphone annouced!

  1. but…don’t forget that we are one of the pioneers who owns the iPhone! The very first edition. And more importantly when the time comes to upgrade, we get better version of iPhones. We are apple converts remember?

  2. ya its cool…. am goin NY sometime next month….considering getting myself one hehehe….

    hmmm… but looks like if i do, i gotta ‘crack’ it once i reach back in Malaysia..

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