What's going on in Msia??

It’s getting too expensive to live in KL… if you did not know, petrol price went up again by RM2 per ltr.. crazy esp for a nation that’s been enjoying government subsidy. There’s gonna be another raise in fuel prices in Aug. That’s like 2 months from now. In addition, electricity prices also increasing.

So the PM is asking everything to change their lifestyle to adjust to these increases. Hmm.. does that mean less going out and more eating in??

I see that as a short term solution as average salary does not increase to factor in the inflation.

Now everyone is complaining and trying to adjust their lifestyle to ensure they can ‘survive’ at the end of the month. That will translate to

  • Less driving around. Potentially have to car pool… (perhaps this is a better encouragement to get ppl to car pool)
  • Less Starbucks. Maybe can replace with a cup of white coffee at ‘Kopitiam’
  • Less gadgets (non-essential items).

But then hor, I realise I don’t work in Malaysia anymore.. so this does not really apply to me… heheheheheh (imagine evil laugh).

The government came up with a subsidy to help ease the painful transition and a friend came up with a great idea to take advantage of the subsidy. Quite funny actually cos we found out her creative idea was stolen by other people. Check it out:

Buy a Junk Car and earn RM 625

p/s: Edna, I will always remember to ask you for more creative ideas in the future….


2 thoughts on “What's going on in Msia??

  1. Yes, I read about Malaysia’s petrol price increase via my Mummy’s blog.

    It isn’t all that very different here in Oz either. Petrol as we all know is a finite matter and prices are bound to go up. Here, prices are expected to hit A$1.80 per litre and the general public is complaining with fuel hikes making front page news.

    Also, our dollar is slowly increasing by the day and will eventually be on par with the US dollar – something which the new Rudd government does not necessarily want to see as they are trying really hard to curb inflation.

    In summary, all this combined with the ever rising interest rate is really putting the pressure on the Average Aussie Joe. Interestingly however, single yuppies like Joel and myself aren’t really feeling the pinch yet what with the lack of kids/mortgage (thank god!). It will be interesting to see just how low housing prices go…I have been on a look out for some time now :):)

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