Gossip Girl

truth be told – I didnt know anything about this series until a friend talked about it. Luckily a friend had downloaded the series and graciously provided to me for my trip to south america.

but i didnt watch it till i came back to KL, when i starting waking up at 3am due to jet lag. I finished 13 episodes in 3 days.. hahahahaha

it is quite entertaining except it is not very ‘real’. when i told dav abt it, his response was that it is a tv series, therefore it has the license to be ‘unreal’ and who care as long as it is entertaining.

i half agree…. the other half cant understand how can teenagers allowed to dress that way to school, have all the money in the world to do watever and have great clothes and hairs all the time!!!

2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl

  1. Trust me when you have millions in your trust funds and when your parents make millions of donations to the school, I am sure everything goes. My New Yorker friend said that she knows a number of kids with that silly amount of trust funds and they do behave like them. I absolutely love the series. ‘You know you love me…xoxo GG!

  2. omg i’m so into the movie thanks to my sis…did your sis get you into watching it… i’m dwnloading it infact…haha…on to series 14 and above….

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