Day trip – Paracas

We went on a day trip to Paracas, which is about 3 hrs away from Lima. Here’s a short description of the place we visited:

‘Paracas is spa, a peninsula, a bay, a pre-Inca Culture and a National Reserve. Its amazing for birdwatchers and hikers.

The desert and the sea come together in spectacular landscapes in Paracas, in the department of Ica, just a few hours south from Lima. The cliffs that fringe the beaches are teeming with life, millions of birds that live here year-round, and thousands of others that fly from the northern hemisphere and from further south, ranging from guano birds to Humboldt penguins.

Boats departure from the port to Islas Ballestas (Ballesta Islands), giving visitors a chance to gaze at the sea lion colonies, millions of birds and you’ll see the famous three-pronged Candelabro (Candelabrum), carved into the sand with a similar technique to the Nazca Lines, although possibly of a different origin: theories range from pirates marking a treasure hiding place to soldiers fighting for Latin-American independence from Spain.

By car, or buggies, you can visit the terrestrial area of Paracas National Reserve and enjoy the desert dunes. Back on the traditional circuit, the road leads to the on-site museum and the ruins of the burial grounds of the Paracas culture (700 BC), whose weaving skills have been admired the world over. A trail leads down to a protected bay, the natural habitat of flamingoes, the scarlet-and-white birds that inspired the colors of the Peruvian flag. They are not to be disturbed. Further south lie the striking natural rock formations of the Catedral (Cathedral) and Mendieta.’ (Source:

Here’s some pictures we took.


In the boat, on the way out to Ballesta Island. We were rushed onto the boat after 4 hours ride to Paracas… everyone was in need to take a piss… and we didnt have a chance to go to the washroom. The boat ride took about 2 hrs. Needless to say, everyone went dashing to the toilet when we got back!


Weird lines found in an island. Apparently it is linked to the famous Nazca line… the weirdest is that the line never gets blown away … even though there’s strong winds. No one knows how or why it is there.


Cute sea lions resting on the rocks.


The island is full of bird shit!! We can smell the shit from afar! It is literally covered with shits.. hahahaha


More sea lions. This is their favourite bay.


We saw a lot of sea lions teaching their pups how to swim… very cute.


This is the jetty we board the boat to the island.


Lots of fishing boats (view from the bay).


Nice colours on the dessert in the Paracas National Reserve.




There’s no roads in the national park. They use small rocks/ stones to lay out the tracks. It was a very bumpy ride….



Apparenty there’s a lot of lagoons in this national park. A lot of people come here camping. Water is so clear!


Big big jelly fish…..



3 thoughts on “Day trip – Paracas

  1. Oooooh…those lines are totally mysterious! They look huge in the picture, like on a side of a sand mountain.

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