No one would believe this… before heading here from London, my team leaders for this audit contemplated buying a Wii to bring over for 7 weeks for team building exercise… hahahah of course not!! But it was a good idea cos we’re away for soo long and Wii is really a fun game console.

As we arrived in Heathrow early enough to do some shopping, we actually found Wii available from HMV… plus it is cheaper!!! So 2 of our team leaders bought one with 4 games each!!! So now we have one Wii console in Chile and another in Peru.

Since my team lead in Peru is heading to Ecuador for a few days and have to check out of his room, I have graciously offered to take care of his Wii while he is away…. waaahahahahahahahah

So now I have the Wii in my room…. I’ve already try to master the Bowling….. 🙂


Check out the tv! It’s a LG flat screen tv…. so cool ….. Let’s hope I’ll be able to get some work done this week.


3 thoughts on “Wiiiiieeee……

  1. I knew it all along….your trips are always holidays…..masked behind the term business trip! Hope you’re well anyway! 🙂

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